Thank you for buying Grandpa’s book today. We don’t know how to read big books yet but mother says this book is about how to live your life in love instead of fear and that seems like a good way to live. Our grandpa knows all about love because he loves us and we like it.

Here is what others have to say

Catherine Bradford, a Seattle Radio Host says this:

“I have had the pleasure of reading Richard Blackstone’s book in preparation for our interview on The Wellness Roadshow. Over the years I have read tons of books, interviewed lots of amazing authors and experts in the field of spirituality. I was absolutely blown away by the content of Richard’s book. It is the perfect guide for anyone who is hoping to make sense out of the onslaught of spiritual material coming our way. It is easy to follow, perfect in its style, FUN TO READ, and just plain amazing. No matter what you’re level of ‘understanding’ or whatever you personal goal for searching for such a book, ‘Nuts and Bolts Spirituality’ will lead you into the realm of understanding and connection to source, authentically, more than ever. It will become your favorite, a book you will read over and over again, and one that you will not only ‘go to’ for inspiration, but you’ll want to share it with EVERYONE you love.” Thank you Richard!