Blue quartz has powerful spiritual and metaphysical healing properties.

Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

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Overview of Blue Quartz

The healing properties of blue quartz come from its inherent ability to help bring the throat chakra back into balance. It also encourages and improves the connection between the lower chakras and the higher, spiritual chakras.  Blue quartz is connected with both the throat chakara and third-eye chakra.

Blue quartz is the primary stone used by people trying to improve communication of all types. This stone also helps enhance clarity and order. It is a powerful tool for helping to make communications more open, genuine, and productive. This crystal can also foster better communication between people by enhancing connection and empathy.

When chaos and disorder are present, blue quartz can be used to bring focus and order to one’s mind and perspective. Blue quartz is also very effective for improving mental focus when one needs to improve organization and order.

Description of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is a form quartz that gets its color from the inclusions of other minerals in the quartz. Its hue ranges from grayish-blue to deep, dark blue. Because of the mineral inclusions present, blue quartz is usually translucent, rather than transparent.

It is a popular and effective crystal, for both healing and spiritual development. This stone has a high frequency of vibration, giving it powerful metaphysical qualities.

Blue quartz’s ability to enhance intellectual focus is often used by those who thrive on creativity. This property can help open up the mind, stimulating creative expression.

Emotional Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

The emotional and healing properties of blue quartz also come from its calming energy. This makes it an ideal stone for overcoming numerous mental and emotional challenges. The soothing attributes of this crystal allow it to be used for any condition which results from an overactive mind. Some people have also used this stone to counteract hyperactivity.

Blue quartz enhances and focuses positive energy. Stones that have this quality are widely used for helping to alleviate feelings of sadness or depression. This crystal is believed to be of the most adept at helping to remove negative energy and feelings, and replace them with positive energies. This quality can help a crystal user more easily access and accept feelings of peace and happiness.

This is also a great tool for eliminating any type of emotional tension, including stress and anxiety. It can also make those who are stubborn or obtuse be more calm, patient, and accepting.

Physical Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz provides numerous positive effects on the physical body by serving as a soothing influence on the body.  It has long been used as an effective tool to cool, heal, and soothe the throat because of its strong connection to the throat chakra. Of course, this stone’s soothing qualities can be used to extend healing to the entire body.

Blue quartz has been used to provide healing and wellness for numerous organs. Some of the areas that this stone is believed to strong health benefits for include spleen, lungs, cardiovascular system, eyes, and endocrine system. It can also heal sore, injured, or overworked muscles and nerves, by providing soothing healing energy.

It also acts to bolster immune system function, lowering the likeliness of suffering from illness and disease. Blue quartz is also used to remove toxins from the body.

Spiritual Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz has long been valued for its profound spiritual and metaphysical qualities. It is widely considered to be an ideal tool for seeking higher spiritual development.  Its ability to improve communication also make this crystal a useful tool when contacting spirits or other entities.

Blue quartz helps one to convey their spirituality more genuinely and openly. Its ability to bring calm also makes it a popular aid for engaging in focused meditation or mindfulness.

Blue quartz has been used as an aid for cleansing one’s aura. It is generally considered to be an effective stone for unstopping and removing difficult energy blocks.

This crystal is used to increase and enhance energy while performing nearly any type of  magical or spiritual work. It’s also a great aid when engaging in dreamwork, including dream interpretation and lucid dreaming.

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