Reiki energy healing for dogs and cats.

Animal Reiki for Dogs and Cats

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Many of us explore alternative healing therapies and methods for ourselves to heal and to promote health and wellness. However, many of these treatments can also be effective for our beloved dogs and cats.

Reiki energy healing is one powerful healing technique that is not only effective for humans, but can also be used to heal your dog or cat. More and more people have discovered the positive health benefits of Reiki healing for themselves and their pets, as this method of healing has gained popularity, in recent years. Reiki involves the same life energy that animates every living being, so any living being can be helped by Reiki.

Reiki is a very gentle and safe form of healing that can be used in combination with other alternative and holistic therapies, as well as with conventional medical treatments. You can use reiki to not only enhance healing, but also to minimize the side effects of other treatments.

Many people may think that Reiki healing is only useful for pets that are ill or injured. Although it is an effective technique in these situations, it can also be used as a holistic health tool, as well as to help prevent illness and injury.

Choosing a Reiki Practitioner for Your Dog or Cat

First, you need to decide whether you will need a remote session or a hands-on session for your pet. If you prefer a remote Reiki healing session, this can only be performed by someone who is a third-degree Reiki Master. Reiki Master must first be attuned by a current Reiki Master, learn the Reiki symbols, and practice for a long period of time in order to become adept at performing the techniques involved. If you prefer a hands-on session, either a first or second-degree Reiki practitioner is qualified to perform healing in-person.

When you have decided on which method you prefer, search for a Reiki Master or practitioner whom you feel will be a good fit for you and your pet. It is good to discuss your particular needs and goals with them before engaging in healing sessions to be sure that they fully understand your needs and will be able to fulfill them. When get Reiki healing for your dog or cat, it is a good idea to have a Reiki practitioner who has experience with performing animal Reiki.

Animal Reiki for dogs and cats can be performed remotely.
If you want to do a remote Reiki healing session for your dog or cat, you need to find a third-degree Reiki Master who can perform it.

Dog and Cat Chakras

Just as with humans, Reiki for dogs and cats works through the entire body and every chakra to remove energy blockages and to open up energy flows between our energy centers. As you probably know, humans have seven primary chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye, and crown). The different chakras regulate the energies of different regions of the body.

When these energy centers get blocked, energy flow is disrupted and becomes imbalanced. This energy imbalance can be the result of physical, emotional, or spiritual problems or issues. Energy healing techniques, like Reiki, are employed to help unblock energies and promote healing by bringing our centers back into balance.

Dogs and cats share the same seven primary chakras with us, but also have one more primary chakra, known as the brachial, or key, chakra. In dogs and cats, the brachial chakra is the main energy center, and should be the starting area for performing energy healing and balancing in them. Many animals also have a number of other secondary chakras, but most energy healing techniques mainly focus on the primary chakras.

Reiki Sessions for Dogs or Cats at Home

When receiving an in-person Reiki healing session, it should be performed in whatever room your dog or cat is most comfortable in. This is usually where they spend most of their time relaxing or sleeping. It is important that your pet is feeling as relaxed and secure as possible to facilitate the session.

You shouldn’t have to hold your pet still or force them to stay. This tension will interfere with the process, and it is not necessary for them to remain in one spot. The healing energy will be able to flow through your pet wherever they are located in the room. If your pet is calm and comfortable enough, the practitioner should be able to gently move their hands over different parts of their body.

At some point in the Reiki healing session, your pet may grow so calm and relaxed that they might fall asleep. At other points in the session, your pet might get a burst of energy. Every pet will respond to the healing session in a manner that best resonates with the healing energy in the moment. Many pets will be clearly alert and energized at the conclusion of a session.

It’s okay if your pet falls asleep during the Reiki session. Many dogs and cats may drift off after becoming highly relaxed during the session.

Reiki sessions can vary in length depending on the pet, the situation, and how much healing energy the dog or cat requires. Some sessions may last 15 minutes, while others could last an hour. Your practitioner should be able to sense when it is appropriate to conclude the session for that day.

Often, the conclusion of a session will be indicated by your pet. When many pet have absorbed sufficient amounts of healing energy, they will let you know by walking away or leaving the room. They may nuzzle or rub against you before leaving to let you know that they are finished. it feels it needs, it will walk away.

Remote Reiki Healing for Dogs and Cats

Remote healing sessions can be performed while you are with your pet or not. Many people like to monitor their pet’s behavior and reaction during a remote healing session by being present. Once you have a had a remote session or two with a Reiki Master, and have had good results, you may feel comfortable not being with your dog or cat for future sessions. Third-degree Reiki Masters are highly attuned and sensitive, so they will be able to sense when your pet has absorbed enough healing energy for the session.

Another use for remote sessions is to help treat pets (especially dogs) that suffer from separation anxiety when their owner is not home. A Reiki healer can perform remote sessions while you are away to calm and comfort your pet. When this type of session is performed, many people come home to find their pet to be much more calm and relaxed than typical. This can give you the peace of mind to know that your pet isn’t suffering needlessly while you are at work or out shopping. This can be especially useful for dog owners whose dogs damage things in the house due to separation anxiety.

Reiki Sessions at the Veterinarian

Another way to use Reiki for your dog or cat is at the veterinarian’s office. This can often be an effective method to calm pets who become overly anxious at the vet. Performing Reiki healing at the vet can also help your pet to better recover, both physically and emotionally, after any medical procedures they go through. Many people have had successful results using Reiki as a healing therapy for helping pets to recover after surgery.

Once your pet is home from the vet, they may also benefit from a Reiki healing session, either in-person, or remotely. This can help them heal faster and ward off any emotional problems they may have after a visit to the veterinarian.


Having Reiki sessions for your dog or cat on a regular basis can help them stay healthy, alert, and happy. Reiki healing can be performed for your pet on a regular schedule, or simply when they seem to need it. These session are very flexible and can be performed at any time, day or night. And, because it is a safe and gentle healing method, it is safe for any pet regardless of their age, size, health condition, or breed.

Always keep in mind that Reiki healing is generally used as a complimentary therapy. It should not be used in place of proper medical or veterinary care for pets that are either injured or ill.

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