Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers in Space and Time,

I want to tell you a secret. MY LIFE IS GLORIOUS!

Actually that is not the secret but when you live a life that is as blessed as mine sometimes you have to just “scream it out.” The actual secret is that for the first forty years of my life I was “sleepwalking through life.” What I mean by ‘sleepwalking’ is that I was living very unconsciously and I always thought that ‘life was happening to me’ and I had to keep reacting to the people, events and circumstances in my life.

Now I live a life where I am “Consciously Creating” abundance, health and harmony in all aspects of my life and the bonus to this ability to manifest my every desire is that it is EASY & EFFORTLESS.
How did this happen? I became aware of the immutable laws of the universe that govern all of creation and I began a journey of UNDERSTANDING that has transformed the way I play the game of “Life on Planet Earth.”

What truly amazed me as I began to wake up to what I call my ‘true authentic self’ was that all of these laws are simple. The problem is that we have been conditioned most of our lives to create limiting beliefs that keep us from a full and deep UNDERSTANDING of how this game is played.

Once you understand the rules of the game life becomes very simple and you take on a whole new perspective about how you want to live your life and how much fun you can have by immersing yourself in the abundance, health and harmony that are your birthrights.

The more I studied the simple concept of “Who Am I?” the more clarity I had about the beautiful, powerful, creative person I was and how a simple shift in perspective allowed me to empower not only myself but those around me. As I followed this path of self improvement I sought out ways to serve humanity because I came to find out that our ultimate calling is one of service and love.

When I wrote this book the words just flowed out of me and the writing process kept pushing me to deliver this message in as clear and easy-to-understand manner as I could.

The Key to Life is in “UNDERSTANDING.”

This book is all about “UNDERSTANDING” who you really are and how the universe really works.
This is not a religious book. This is a book about the Nuts & Bolts of Spirituality. It is all about awareness and understanding and then practical application of your knowledge to allow you to Consciously Create your life the way you truly want it to be.

I invite you to share the journey and create the adventure of your life.

Live in love