Are you creating your life exactly as you desire?
Does your life just seem to happen to you?

In my award winning book, Nuts & Bolts Spirituality you will come to the clear understanding that you are not here to discover life.

You are here to Create Your Life in any manner that you choose.

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Create The Life of Your Dreams!

What is it worth to know and understand your ability to create whatever you desire into your life? Just immerse yourself in the concepts and follow the step by step process to wake you up to the true authentic powers that you already possess. This book has the power to transform your life.

  • The “Two Theories of the Universe” and how they affect every facet of your life. The easy three-step process of creating your life in any manner that you choose.
  • How to bring Abundance, Health and Harmony into your life “effortlessly.”
  • Who you really are. It’s not who you think you are.
  • How to tap into the spirit part of your three-part being and reconnect with your source of unlimited power.
  • Why the world needs you right now!